in my eyes the sky is made of bright colors that never fade away and in yours it's anything dismal and every shade of pain so you've made me realize the sun rises to set and i've showed you the sun will rise once it rests



i'm just a girl reckless and sinful when i call on you all i can offer is my broken spirit my aching heart but you, Lord meet me with overwhelming grace abundant love undying faithfulness something i don't deserve but i receive it nonetheless


nothing more than a balladmonger feeling vulnerable but acting so guarded always experiencing intricate feelings and from the afterglow comes the wannabe poems today everything appears in dark blue


the brick stained dark from the heavy downpour coffee shop chatter and poems sketched in messy cursive songs of bittersweet feelings remind me of the aftertaste still on my tounge left there by you and the flavor of my latte


a chasm distant deep daunting that's how i perceive my feelings an extensive series of sky high sailing downward spirals and everything in between a fluid and inconsistent course because i feel it all


i'm sensitive i hurt easily and i hate hurting but i hate even more when people i love are hurting so i bottle it up try to work through it on my own but that always hurts them more i'm terribly sorry for being such a terribly hurting person


i don't like this feeling of losing hope i prefer that time just this morning when i felt like i was walking on air head in the clouds dreaming of all the things we could be but it was all for nothing and gravity has it's hold on me once again


why is it considered so wrong to wear your heart on your sleeve or to walk barefoot on the scorching pavement us young ones we're going to feel and we're going to get burned just like everyone else

not a dreamer

i talk about dreams too much daydreams lost dreams broken dreams i wouldn't even call myself a dreamer because i rarely feel that desperation that wanting for the dream to come true i just love the feeling of being lost in a world outside of reality and inside my head

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